Updated 3-23-2024

Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing seeks to provide the best complete mobile auto detailing and ceramic coating experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering our services and point out some of the terms and conditions of our business criteria. We hope you will find these policies listed below helpful and informative in explaining the extent of our services. The following is designed to protect your rights and our own. The most important terms are found at the top of this page under “Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy” and “Vehicle Terms”. By scheduling any service with Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing, you hereby agree to all terms listed in this document.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

We take a $25 non-refundable deposit to secure all appointments prior to service. This deposit will always transfer over to a rescheduled appointment. If for any reason, the customer needs to cancel or reschedule, they should let us know in an appropriate time frame, and we will gladly transfer their deposit over to another appointment time. This deposit is deducted from the total cost of the service upon taking payment. If, for whatever reason, the customer does not pay the $25 deposit prior to service, it will be charged when taking payment. $25 will be charged to any customer that chooses to cancel within 24 hours of service, if they have not already paid prior to service.

Vehicle Terms

Please remove all personal belongings, money, and other significant items from their vehicle prior to any type of service. Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing will not move personal belongings for safety & liability concerns. If our technicians have to wait longer than 15 minutes for a customer to move personal belongings, we reserve the right to charge for the lost time at our discretion. The same applies to customers that are late for their appointments. You must remove large amounts of trash and other debris from your vehicle prior to having it serviced. If excessive trash is present in the vehicle, we have the right to charge a $50 Trash Removal Fee at our discretion. If areas such as the center armrest storage or glove compartment are not cleared of belongings, we will not be able to clean them due to the client’s private personal belongings, always wanting to protect personal property. We ask that our clients remove car seats and booster seats before we arrive. Should the car seat be left in the vehicle we will do our best to clean around the car seat but can’t promise your total satisfaction. Due to child safety, we will not uninstall or install car seats under any circumstances.We reserve the right to charge each vehicle according to its condition, and the duration of time we believe service will take. As a client booking with our company, you acknowledge that our prices are variable depending upon the inspection of your vehicle. We will always point out any additional charges (if necessary) before beginning work. You will not be met by any surprise fees after service is completed. Additional fees will be applied to all jobs that involve pet hair, staining, odors, hazardous material such as mold or waste matter, etc. Pet hair and sand are two of the toughest items to remove from a vehicle with normal vacuuming. The removal of either element is not guaranteed with any of our service offerings. However, on most occasions, we are successful at removing visual traces of both elements. We make no promises when it comes to the removal of stains and/or odors from vehicles. We aim to please so we will always try our best using professional-grade equipment and chemicals. Please be aware that some upholstery, seatbelts, and carpets are beyond cleaning and may not completely clean up as expected. Some stains are permanent. We will consult you on what can and cannot be done in regard to your vehicle’s interior. Odors cannot be removed by cleaning alone. They must be treated with ozone treatment and may require attention from a specialist. When it comes to windows we do our best, but due to variables such as temperature, windows may have a film. Please allow the car to cool and then take a microfiber towel and wipe the film off if you see streaks. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, this is simply the nature of how window cleaning chemicals work. We are not responsible for damage due to heavily soiled, stained, or damaged interior components, such as dash buttons and steering column buttons and knobs. Such areas may be so caked with dirt, grime, and makeup that cleaning may result in these buttons and knobs losing their markings. The headliner is gently cleaned, however, there may be remaining stains. The glue used for headliners will start to release if cleaned more aggressively or with stronger cleaners. Please understand that headliners may not come completely clean due to this reason. If you choose to clean them at your own risk, they may look clean but will sag over time due to the glue being compromised. If during pre-inspection the headliner is too fragile to work on, we will not attempt to damage it further with cleaning. We are not responsible for baked-on brake dust that cannot be completely removed either on the surface or deep within the wheel. Some wheels are beyond cleaning and may need to be repaired or replaced. Bird droppings, bug splatter, sap, and tar will chemically etch into your vehicle’s paintwork if left for a period of time. This will result in a deep chemical mark on the paintwork that may need additional work to safely remove. In some cases, the mark cannot be removed completely without compromising the clear coat. Exterior black or gray textured or smooth trim pieces may be beyond restoring and will have to be replaced. We try our best to restore the plastic to its original color if that is a service you have previously discussed. Any wax, sealant, or coating not properly cared for will not last its intended durability length. We recommend safe hand washing.

On-Site Service Terms

We require payment to be made in full on the day the service is completed. You will be sent multiple reminders to make this payment. We reserve the right to request payment in full if a client has canceled multiple times, as a condition for their rescheduling. We reserve the right to refuse service to clients if scheduling or payment terms are not respected. We reserve the right to alter or amend a booking time/date without penalty but wherever possible will let the client know of alternative arrangements upon notification. We reserve the right to alter a booking or move a booking in accordance with weather conditions, poor health of staff, and/or equipment failure without penalty to the company, but wherever possible will let the client know of alternative arrangements upon notification. For your safety please keep a safe distance, at least 10-15 feet away from our work area to avoid any trip or slip hazards. If you need to speak to us while we are working on your vehicle please make sure to get our attention from a distance. We try to pay attention to our surroundings but don’t want you to get hurt by tripping over hoses, cords, and other hazards. We expect all clients to properly communicate the condition of their vehicle before our technicians arrive. If upon arrival, our technicians have reason to believe the client hid conditions such as urine, feces, semen, mold, mildew, and other hazardous substances, Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing reserves the right to request partial payment at our discretion without completion of the job. This is to ensure a safe work environment, and keep our technicians from being taken advantage of.

Photo / Video Rights

When scheduling services with Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing, you give us the right to post photos and videos of your vehicle before, during, and after the service is performed. Our company has a fairly large social media presence online, so your vehicle may find its way onto the internet. We will not identify our clients by name without their permission beforehand. We will also not include license plates or home addresses without client’s permission beforehand. If you have any concerns related to our use of media, please let us know prior to service and we will happily accommodate. If you do not agree to our photo/video terms above, please print and sign this. I declare that I, _____________________(first and last name), do not authorize Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing to use photos or videos of my vehicle for marketing purposes. I acknowledge that these materials may be used as internal training materials. 

Service Guarantee

If there is a probable and clear cause that the service technician did not fulfill the package as ordered or there is clear evidence of poor craftsmanship, we will at our cost refund or redo the uncompleted or unsatisfactory portion of the service. Clients must report any potential mistakes made by Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing at the time of the post-inspection or within 24 hours of a job being completed. Failure to report past 24 hours of completed work does not guarantee any correction. We will, however, do our best to understand your needs and serve you appropriately. Redos, refunds, or reimbursements will not be made after any unauthorized cleaning or repairs. Refusing a redo appointment for the unsatisfactory portion of your service limits any refunds to 20% of the value of your service. Only services included in your order and additional services authorized by Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing are covered under our service guarantee. Any services not authorized by Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing are at the client’s own risk.

Payment Terms

Payment is due at the completion of your service. Refusal or failure to pay for your service invalidates our service guarantee, and any redo services or discounts are at the sole discretion of Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing. The client who books the service is responsible for a verbal or written agreement on the pre-inspection and post-inspection of their vehicle, RV, or trailer. Failure to do so will forfeit the right to a refund. Any claims must be filed within 24 hours of the completion of the service by emailing (lifeinthefastlanedetaling@gmail.com) with photographs attached. Failure to disclose at the time of booking any conditional issues that involve heavy stains, foul odors, human or animal biological waste, mold, mildew, chemical spills, chemical overspray, or any other hazardous materials voids our service guarantee. No refunds, redos, or any additional work will be performed outside of the original package or estimate. Some issues may require services beyond those you ordered. Refusing the services recommended by client service or your on-site technician may invalidate the service guarantee.


The client agrees to make full payment prior to the release of the products or vehicle. The vehicle or products will not be released until full payment has been processed accordingly. Any invoice that is not paid at the time of order or delivery is considered past due and the client is responsible for all collection fees including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs for unpaid balances at the interest rate of 18% per annum. This is not an expectation contract and we are not responsible for buyers’ remorse. By accepting the product or vehicle you are accepting the job as complete and that the performance is satisfactory. You are responsible for inspecting the product and or vehicle upon receipt. Clients shall identify to Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing in writing any dispute concerning an invoice within three days of the date of the invoice. If disputes are not identified in writing within the three-day time frame the client has accepted the job and the invoice. Clients must contact Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing of any and all work in dispute, accompanied by a written explanation. After investigation, if an error is found on our behalf we will make appropriate corrections. Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles or articles left in vehicles in cases of fire, theft, accident, or any other cause beyond our control. We do not accept responsibility for consequential damages or loss of any kind related to the sale, installation, or delivery of our products. It is the client’s responsibility to read our Terms & Conditions available on our website prior to contacting Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing to perform any services.


Estimates are good faith estimates and are based on the current information Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing has at the time the estimates are given. Estimates given are good for 30 days and are subject to change.


Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing will complete a pre-inspection with the client before beginning any work on the vehicle. At this time, our technicians will notify the client of any concerns they may have. The client is responsible at this moment to explain to the technician what they desire out of the detail. Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing is not responsible for the condition of the surfaces of the vehicle prior to any services rendered. Any existing scratches, cracks, or other damage will be visible through a coating or paint protection, and such surface damage or imperfections may damage the protection applied and cause the protection to fail prematurely. We reserve the right to refuse any work or vehicle for any reason.


We reserve the right to correct inaccuracies, prices, omissions, descriptions, and errors relating to products, productions, availability, and update information at any time without prior notice.

By reading this document of terms and conditions, you, the client, acknowledge you agree to them in full. Thank you for taking the time to read through our terms & conditions. Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing aims to provide the best service possible while protecting all parties and ensuring a safe & fun work environment for our valuable employees. We look forward to serving you!

Landon Renwick 

Life in the Fresh Lane Detailing